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iPhone 13 is on its way to release because the Apple company already release their new device iPhone 13  trailer. In this month and we are seeing plenty of rumors about the until the phone launched the phone. This iPhone 13 offers you a 120 HZ LTPO display on both models that are mean iPhone 13 and 13 pro.  The company also improve the battery life with a 5 G modem. They also improve the phone camera. You can also get the new portrait video mode on this phone. There also some exciting things coming in iPhone 13.

iphone 13 pro max camera

iPhone 13 release date:

if the iPhone 13 release date follows apple’s pattern from previous phones release time this iPhone 13 hopefully launched on 24 September in 2021.

Despite the covid -19   the iPhone 12 release delay. It’s launched on 13 October 2020. But the apple analyst ming-chi Kuo claims that the iPhone 133 release on the normal schedule in 2021. Recently Apple launched the iPhone 13 trailer and that the positive side of the prediction. It means we hope that the new phone launched in normal schedule of apple phone launched as always.

iPhone 13 price:

there is so many rumors point towards that the iPhone 13 is coming at the same price as iPhone  12. However the iPhone 12 mini not sold well. so, the apple consigned to the orchard. So, the apple could the iPhone 13 range have a trio of handsets. We know the price range of the iPhone 12 range such as  $699, $799, $999, and $1099. Apple tended to keep their pricing for each new iPhone relatively and close to the one the preceded it.

iphone 13 pro max camera

iPhone 13 design:

Apple is combining the currently separate infrared flood illuminator which is apparently achieved this notch downsizing also with sensor and dot projector. This thing makes iPhone 12’s face id unlocking system and also into a single module. We hope to see things better in iPhone 13.

It notably looks that the earpiece of the phone is moved to the bezel rather than keep it inside the notch. So, let’s look at some render about iPhone 13,  the iPhone 12 pro labeled that show off apple’s phones. It’s a smaller notch and a sensor for touch id under the phon’s display.

But in this edition, the iPhone 13 may be slightly thicker. This would allow for a long-lasting battery. So, we can expect the biggest change in iPhone 13  such as portless design, dropping the lighting port also hope they give a charging opting and a data transfer to be carried out wirelessly.

However the apple analysis the disputed recently and they say that there will be no portless in iPhone 13 also say that at present the Magsafe ecosystem is not mature enough. that’s why they continue to use lighting port but in future.

iphone 13 pro max display

iPhone 13 display:

by releasing the iPhone 13 trailer apple confirm that we get 6.7 inches to display in this phone. They also confirm that we get a 120 Hz refresh rate ultra-wide display that means you display refresh 120 per second when you rolling the display or when you are gaming on your phone. You get more smoothness in your video playback.

The iPhone 13 has a new LTPO  panel and that company makes Samsung display. The nature of an LPTO panel is to help the device adaptive refresh rate, meaning phones with that can sport a thin chassis. In iPhone 13 the LTPO display could enable the phone to have a super-smooth refresh rate

iPhone 13 camera:

.we don’t hard much about iPhone 13 range yet. But from leaks, we hear that the iPhone 13 pro max offering a 6-element ultrawide lens.  It also offers autofocus capability.  The phone has a 13MP  front camera with HDR video quality this phone has better focus quality. There are lots of interesting things are happening on this phone. Apple told that it’s a life-changing apple phone.


You get an ios A 15 the powerful processor in this phone also has more than 1 Tr storage in this phone. This thing makes your life very easy and more comfortable. It changes your daily life and makes your life easy. You can use this phone storage for your personal storage because 1Tr+ storage is so much storage for a  mobile phone and that’s a good amount of storage for a phone user.


But still, so many features are unknown about iPhone 13pro max. we need to wait for their release. After we will know about all the features and all the new updates.

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