Rollable Smartphones Are Coming!!!! | Gadgets Blade (Tue, 2021-Jun-15)

We start using mobile phone Phone mostly as a part of communication to people. This is the reason people using phones. It helps different ways some people using the phone for business, some using for their personal issue. Whatever but day by day now a day phone become a smartphone. Such as we can use smartphone not only for communication but also we can use it in ways such as,

Video call:

Once a time the user can communicate with each other only in voice calls. But in smartphones they can make video calls to their relative, business partners, friends, etc. it’s a great invention for the modern world. You can see the person you talk to and you can make video calls anywhere you can. People can use this feature in different ways. It’s totally up to your needs.

Touch screen:

This feature changes the smartphone world. When the mobile phone invented people never think about this thing. This is like a life-changing feature in the smartphone world. You can just touch your phone screen and do whatever you can. You don’t need to face any trouble for this it’s very easy and comfortable for everyone.


This is an amazing feature in smartphones. Once people using the camera to capture their memory in a frame. It was very difficult to carry a camera because of its size and weight. Also using the camera is not so easy for everyone. but in a smartphone, you also get a camera feature which is very easy to use and phones are so easy to carry and use the phone is very much comfortable than the camera. You can also edit your photo on your phone which is help you make professional-level photography.

Concept phones:

Day by day smartphones is getting more advance. At a time smartphones are having width vessels and they have are update now. From time to time the vessel is gone there comes noch for experienced people the front camera after some time they update the phone using punch the hole camera after that the smartphones companies are invented pop-up camera this an amazing transformation in day by day. So, we can understand the future of our smartphones.

After focusing on the camera, the smartphone companies are focusing on their display which is one of the big parts of the phone. People are very much interested in a gorgeous display. So, they are trying to ding something new display such as curve display. This thing makes a big change in the smartphone.

Now the company is lunch some different type of phones which are something different from our as usual smartphones. So, these phones are called concept phones, they have some different types of amazing and attractive features such as full display phone 3x/4x display phones. The smartphones are lunch that phone many reasons such as telling people about the future smartphones, showoff their technology and also it's big marketing for there company.

Rollable smartphone:

Recent LG talks about their upcoming Rollable smartphone for the first time in the world. We already know about concept phone there we can use our phone as a full phone and we can fold it, we also know about the all-screen phone lunch by MI. but now the LG talk about Rollable screen phone which screen is rolled by user need but a limited size. And this is gone be the first time in the world a company lunch a rollable phone. They are basically using a motor in their phone which is used to control the display size. Recently LG updates the new. So, the modern world is very much excited to experience the rollable smartphone.

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