Samsung Galaxy S21/S21+ Offer You some Amazing Epic Feature Which Changes Your Everyday Life. | Gadgets Blade (Tue, 2021-Jun-15)

Samsung has lunch their brand new killer device Galaxy S21/S21+. This flagship phone lunch in January 2021. This device offers you a pro-grade camera system, 8k video snap,12hz dynamic Amoled 2x display with one of the most advanced processors ever in Galaxy device. They also have some epic features which is helpful to get some epic change in your everyday life.  

Head-turning design with eye-catching colors:

Samsung is very much popular for there unique smartphone designs, and these devices are no expected. They made an iconic contour cut design, the camera setup seamlessly blends into the phone, and the metal frame giving the phone a brilliant finishing.

In this device, they also offer some amazing color options such as the galaxy s21+ is available in phantom violet, phantom back, and phantom silver. On The other hand, Galaxy s21 comes in four nice colors which are phantom violet, phantom silver, phantom white, and phantom pink.  

Pro-Grade camera:

The Galaxy S21 and S21+ are made full of new features such as its camera. It has a 12 MP lens ultra-wide, a 12MPdualpixelAF wide-angle, and a 64MPtelephoto lens with a hybrid optic space zoom and detection AF.

This phone has 30x space zoom that’s helps you capture anything you want and the sensor leverages AI to keep the center point of your frame and zoom more stabilizes the shot when your hand gets shaky. The portrait mode is very much comfortable with any position and it easily captures the element. They improve the feature with 3D analysis. It has virtual lighting and also has an AI background effect.

The Galaxy S21 series also make revolutionizing the way we recorded videos. It offers you to record your video in 8k and it’s the highest resolution on a smartphone with a good experience.

8k Video Snap:

This feature gives you a chance to get high-quality 8k video on your phone. Galaxy S21 and S21 both have the same quality video features.  I personally love this feature this gone be amazing for a user. You can easily capture high-quality 33MP pictures out of an 8k video without missing any moment.  

Night show:

In this, you don’t need to worry about any kind of low light problem when you are shooting at night time or on the dark side. The Galaxy S21 has a night mode option this thing helps you capture your favorite moment whenever you are and any time you want. It helps the user get more improves the overall image quality and brightening up the shadow.

120 Hz Refresh rate stunning display:

This flagship device has a dynamic Amoled 2x display with an adaptive 12 Hz refresh rate which is providing you a visual and smooth experience. This is also helpful for mobile gamers you can easily play a high-quality game such as COD, PUBG, FORTH NIGHT on your phone easily. The galaxy s21 has a 15.84cm infinity 0 display and also s21+ has a 16.95 infinity0 display.

Fastest chip ever in Galaxy:

The Exynos 2100SOC, a b4  bit octa-core processor built on 5nm architecture coupled with 8GB ram. This a really powerful device. This one of the most powerful full processors it can compare with  Qualcomm snapdragon 888. So, you can feel the power of its processor.


Battery backup:

So, it’s all about the new Samsung Galaxy S21 and S21+ feature and I try to describe the feature to you guys in an easy way. In this blog, I just describe you guys the feature. This is an informative post I don’t give any kind of review here.

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